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Since 1990 tens of thousands of people all over the world have enjoyed excellent health by practicing the Synergetics System with the PocketGym in their own home.

Join founders Taylor and Joanna Hay to move and stretch with their tried and true Synergetics exercises: low-impact workouts that take just 12 minutes twice a day.

Gently Care For Yourself

Regardless of your age and present physical condition practicing the Synergetics system will reward you with strong muscles, a youthful face and a beautiful, pain-free, flexible body while reducing anxiety and stress.

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Synergetics PocketGym

The Synergetics exercises are a series of no-impact workouts that can be done for 12 minutes in the morning and 12 minutes in the evening to ease the body from fat, stress, and pain. Breathing, stretching, isokinetics, and meditation-in-motion soothe and strengthen your body. The hand-held PocketGym provides stability and strength to the gentle but effective isokinetic motions. Try it yourself!



Tens of thousands of people all over the world have maintained their health and wellbeing practicing the rejuvenating Synergetics motions with the PocketGym – healing and rejuvenating bodies since 1990.

The Original Synergetics program is a unique and wonderful approach to exercise. Now Synergetics has been improved with the Pocket Gym — a creative and innovative exercise device that really works. This form of exercise meets my 3-c’s necessary for success: The exercise must be Comfortable, Convenient, and because it’s so user friendly, you’ll do it Consistently.

Bryant Stamford, Ph.D. Exercise Physiologist and Syndicated Columnist

This unique approach is overdue. It is safe, effective and rational exercise you can really enjoy. This program will invigorate you in a way you never thought possible…. I recommend this program without reservation. Synergetics is super.

Craig A. Mueller, D.C.



Synergetics PocketGym