PocketGym Founders Taylor and Joanna Hay

Taylor and Joanna Hay in 2012


The Synergetics exercises are a series of no-impact workouts that can be done for 12 minutes in the morning and 12 minutes in the evening to ease the body from fat, stress, and pain. Breathing, stretching, isokinetics, and meditation-in-motion soothe and strengthen your body. The hand-held PocketGym provides stability and strength to the gentle but effective isokinetic motions. Try it yourself!


History of Synergetics and the PocketGym:

Taylor Hay developed Synergetics at age 50 because he had run out of exercise options. With knee injuries and hernias from over-exercise, he created a no-impact system of movements inspired by Isokinetics, Dynamic Tension, Tai Chi and Yoga. The gentle, flowing motions of Synergetics protected his injuries as they strengthened and toned and flexed his body.  Soon he began sharing the unique motions with groups and wrote his first book as he consulted with physicians and exercise physiologists.

Taylor and his wife Joanna (they met in 1985) began teaching Synergetics around the country. They co-wrote, published and produced books, videos and CDs for a worldwide audience.

In 1990 their book Synergetics: Your Whole Life Fitness Plan was published by Simon and Schuster’s Pocket Books. Soon after, their first videos, Synergetics, and Fantastic Faces were released. They toured the United States from 1991- 1995 teaching and making media appearances. Individuals, health care practitioners and fitness centers have adopted the exercise system to help reduce fat, stress and pain.

The PocketGym came out in 2001 with a new video series and a patented, hand-held exerciser. Joanna and Taylor continued to tour and teach.

Today, Synergetics is practiced all over the world.  Most of our orders have come from word-of-mouth—customers telling their family, their friends about their wonderful results.

The Synergetics story is the story of changing technologies and a dedication to this series of physical movements.  It started with a self-published book in the 1980s. In the early 90s, VHS videos and audio cassettes taught people how to do the exercises. Customers would call an 800# to order. In the late 90s they launched their first website. In 2001, the PocketGym video was released on DVD and PocketGym.com was launched with an online shopping cart. And now, videos and CDs are delivered via online streaming. The formats might have changed by the motions remain true to the original vision of Taylor Hay with exercises to rejuvenate and reclaim a healthy body.

Taylor and Joanna today:

Based in Central Kentucky, their large family is spread from Colorado to Ohio ,Florida and Massachusetts. Taylor now has 5 great-grandchildren.

Taylor handles the Synergetics communications talking with and writing to customers and makes the PocketGyms by hand in his basement. Joanna takes care of the business end of Synergetics.  She also has a production company and music business and splits her time between Kentucky and Nantucket. She directs documentary films and creates visitor experiences for museums and companies in the U.S. and Canada.