TuneUp with Synergetics and the PocketGym about an hour or so before bedtime to again increase your calorie-burners and to trigger stress-relieving endorphins. This will help curb your appetite so you won’t be tempted to snack before bedtime. And try to drink a big, cleansing glass of water before bedtime.

By doing your 12-minutes of relaxing, endorphin-producing Synergetics before you go to bed, you will increase the rate at which you burn calories for the rest of your life! So your daily intake of food will be metabolized more efficiently and the calories will be burned at a higher rate twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week!

Remember the old saying: Eat like a king (or queen), for breakfast, like a princess (or prince), for lunch, and like a pauper for dinner!
Simply, you need a lot of energy to take on your day, but at night, you are much better off going to bed without a belly-full of undigested

As a bonus you’re getting rid of stress that your face and body pick up during your day. Your Synergetics TuneUps will trigger endorphins that give you a more relaxed sleep—especially if you do your Fantastic Faces (your built-in stress-chaser), with every motion.