Do your first 12-minute Before Breakfast TuneUp with the video before eating or drinking anything but a big glass of pure water! And drink another glass of water after your Before Breakfast TuneUp. The first benefit is that your Before Breakfast TuneUp will trigger appetite suppressing and relaxing endorphins. And your two big, before and after glasses of pure water with your TuneUp absorbs and rids your body of toxins, provides your body with vital electrolytes and helps you eliminate what needs eliminating. Since your stomach is almost empty before breakfast, with very little carbohydrates in your bloodstream, your energy-craving muscles will force your metabolic system to convert some of your excess fat that it hoards for a famine that never comes to glycogen, which fuels your body’s muscle contractions; making your physical motions more energy efficient. So you trim down much faster by doing a Before Breakfast TuneUp, even though you burn the same number of calories regardless of when you do your Synergetics TuneUp.

Also, the calories you eat during your day will be burned more efficiently because your body’s metabolic, calorie-burning rate has
increased as much as 15% for a few hours after your before-breakfast Synergetics TuneUp. Be sure to eat at least three evenly spaced meals a day so that your body won’t slow down its metabolism for fear that you are going to starve it.

Plus!!! And just as important, your upper body, bi-lateral, stretching, muscle-contracting TuneUp will have activated a sometimes-dormant sheath of Brown Fat, which is permanently attached to your skeleton and located around your neck and the top of your back. Your Brown Fat is brown because of its high concentration of mini-furnaces named mitochondria and cytochromes, your thermogenic calorie-burners, which automatically heat up your body to burn off excess calories and offset changes in outside temperatures to maintain a normal body