The Synergetics System

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Get started with the Synergetics System in your choice of Streaming Digital and/or DVD formats

  • Synergetics videos (4 12 -minute workouts plus instructions)
  • PocketGym videos (3 12-minute workouts plus instructions)
  • Synergetics book (download only)
  • PocketGym audio series (its like a podcast with three audio workouts)
  • Fantastic Face video (DVD only)
  • The PocketGym (The comfortable hand-link for the gentle, but intense, isokinetic movements will come in the mail. Please note our new
    and improved design for the PocketGym to use with the Synergetics system videos!

Choose your format: online digital format and/or DVD format
Option to get an extra PocketGym or two, to exercise with a friend or family member.
You can do these 12-minute workouts in the comfort of your own home to help manage fat, stress and pain. Join Taylor and Joanna Hay
with these tried and true workouts. Be healthy at home. These exercises will ease anxiety, stretch your muscles and strengthen your
body with the unique, whole-body motions. It is your Whole Life Fitness Plan. Breathe. Stretch. Invigorate.


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